Our Mission

To diversify the face of design by providing underserved communities with the skills and knowledge they need to unlock their potential and plan for a successful career in technology

Our Values


Foster Connectedness

We believe in the power of community, built upon our innate need to be connected. We treat each other with kindness and respect. We welcome constructive feedback, so that we can continue to improve.


Practice Craftsmanship

We strive for the highest quality possible when we create. We sweat the tiny details, are committed to improving our craft, and are always seeking ways to be better.


Embrace Challenges

We don't back down from challenges. We recognize that learning and growth require patience, commitment, and sometimes, setbacks and failure.

The Founder

Teslim Alabi

Designing a path to success for early-career designers from underserved communities through mentorship and coaching

Teslim is a Product design lead, Entrepreneur and Mentor, currently at Netflix who is passionate about creating delightful and intuitive human-centered experiences at scale through innovation and product strategy.

Prior to Netflix, he worked at Microsoft for almost 5 years, scaling innovative products, building 0 to 1 projects and leading design on several features and tools that help hundreds of millions of people worldwide be more productive. With a background in Computer Science and Digital Media, he has explored storytelling and problem solving through Video Games, Animation and most recently Design.

Teslim strongly believes in the value and power of mentorship, and views it as a way for professionals to pay it forward. He founded the Leads by Design Program to inspire more people from underrepresented backgrounds and underserved communities to pursue careers in tech and to thrive.

Ready to Apply

Get guidance and advice on breaking into Product Design and tips on how to navigate the industry